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Your Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 started to heat up? It reboots randomly, or it is simply overloaded so the slowdown is noticeable? You bought a used device that still has some data left over from the previous owner and you want them removed in a quick and safe manner? Perhaps the easiest solution many problems including these is to give your Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 a – HARD RESET. Next to the typical reset from the Setting menu, there is also a way that doesn’t require the OS to be fully running. On the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 it is executed like this:

Vol UP + Power Button + HOME

NOTE: If you, however, have the full access to the device and your device in fact works, you are performing the hard reset purely in order to release the stress from your device, and you don’t know the password to your Google account, make sure to remove the account before you perform the reset itself!

Also, the hard reset will delete all data from the internal storage, so if you think you might need some of the data even after the reset, it is best to make a backup, or simply transfer your data to your computer, and we have shown you how to do this:

This only applies to the devices which are still working.

DISCLAIMER: The MOBOSdata team is not responsible for any kind of damage that can possibly affect your device. You are performing this whole process at your own risk!

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