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Hello everyone! Today I will be doing a water-test on the Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus, this is a just-released phone from Samsung with top-notch specs!

Although this phone is not waterproof and will not usually survive underwater environments, this video proves otherwise. I hope you enjoy this video.

The Galaxy J6+ features an advanced dual camera, allowing you to easily capture life’s special moments, day or night. Plus, the stunning 6.0″ HD+ Immersive Display, 3D effect of Dolby Atmos, and powerful battery allow you to multitask to the max and immerse yourself in your favourite movies and music in a truly three-dimensional way. Discover stunning bokeh effects and experiment with depth of field. The Galaxy J6+ advanced dual camera gives you more control over your focus, allowing you to master professional-looking shots.


– 6-inch HD+ display
– 13MP + 5MP dual lens rear camera
– 32GB internal storage
– Available in black, gold and pink

Link to purchase UK:

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