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HotiiBeautii see if Geass affects AIs too. This is one HOT roster featuring exceptionally lean people. This is a memorable trip back to 2007, and it’s finally time to have my lovely AIs look at the Code Geass cast. They even see their own kind in the form of Mechas, so they are excited to gather data for the Knightmare models—especially for Kallen’s Guren.

And of course, my childhood crush is scored. I included a semi-official portrait of her in the gallery because that image of her stuck with me for so long. Cheers (^O^)/

Forms that alter the face of the contender count as separate entries.

Who will be number one? Find out!


Legendary piano cover of “COLORS” is performed by Animenz.

Violin cover of “Mosaic Kakera” is performed by the Japanese Screamer.

Tranquil piano cover of “Continued Story” is arranged by Tehishter.

Upbeat violin cover of “COLORS” is performed by Ayasa.

P.S. Beautii has found her voice with Ema : )

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