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LUXJET 720P WiFi Wireless IP Camera with PTZ, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio
1.download iSmartViewPro app on Google play or app store
2.scan the QR code to add camera DID, enter default username and password( admin/123456)
3. tap “more” icon on right below, and find “one-key wifi configuration”, enter you wifi password, and tap “configure” button, the phone will send out beep sound, place the phone near the camera, some times you need to tap “configure”button multi times till you find the blue indicator blinking fast.
4. then back out and find camera “connecting”, soon you will be able to watch live video there
Tips: 1. setup wifi within 2-3 miuntes after camera restart and rotate auto checking
2.cellphone must work on wifi, enable you can setup wifi on camera
3. if still failed to set up wifi please first to reset the camera to factory default then follow the steps again.
Any further questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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