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The MSP-EXP430G2 is a Development Tool a.k.a LaunchPad provided by the Texas Instruments to learn and practice on how to use their Microcontrollers. This board falls under the MSP430 Value Line category where we can program all the MSP430 series Microcontrollers. Learning how to use TI Microcontrollers would definitely be a mighty tool up in our sleeve because TI is really huge and has a wide variety of MCU’s to choose from for a very less competitive price.
Texas Instruments allows us to program their Microcontrollers through a variety of Environments. The Official one is the Code Composer Studio commonly known as the CCS. This software is available free of cost. Also, it requires some minimal level of experience with Microcontrollers. Don’t worry we will cover every step to get familiar with CCS.
Download the Code Composer Studio

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