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I felt like this needed to be said to you all since I noticed players having trouble with their mains. I’ve stuck with Levia for a long time since after what happened to me on Elsword with Laby’s release, it made me learn the hard way. I came to closers and tried Levia, I played Violet for a few weeks on her release, then I came back to Levia ever since! So I hope this helps you out – be sure to ask me in the comment section if you have any questions!

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Think you need some help in game? Add me in-game by the IGN of MiiaTzu

[Sky] Crew
New to the game and need help? Simply a returning player and need to refresh? Just left a crew and need to wait one day? That’s fine ~ feel free to join us!

♥ Curious on my Levia’s gear? Look here!:

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